7 Digital Marketing Jobs That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

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When asked what degree I have to be in digital marketing, I get very confused looks when I tell them that not only do I not have a marketing degree, I actually have two degrees in journalism. In fact, at least half of my digital co-workers have journalism degrees or something similar and not digital marketing degrees. Why? Well, because when we were in school there wasn’t a digital marketing option. In fact, when we were in school, most of our jobs didn’t even exist yet. Luckily there are now many programs offered in digital marketing and some great career options in the field.

Here’s a look at 7 digital marketing jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago and the average salaries for those positions.

Digital Marketing Specialist

With the rise of everything moving to digital, so did marketing. Instead of billboards, commercials and direct mail- we now have online ads, YouTube ads and email. While the objectives and goals of digital marketers are still in line with other marketing professionals, digital marketers had to pivot to be more tech-savvy and digitally focused concentrating on effective online marketing campaigns and digital messaging for consumers.

Avg. Salary: $51,984


While bloggers have been around since the early 90s, YouTube wasn’t released until 2005 starting the age of online cat videos. Many successful vloggers, also called “influencers” use their platform to make money through product sponsorship, reviews and advertising on their videos. Today’s biggest YouTube Vlogger is estimated to be worth around 15.5 million. Vloggers are digital marketers in a sense that they market products and their brand on social media. Who knew that marketing yourself could be a job?


Chartists betting on these 10 stocks to deliver gains in next three weeks

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Nifty’s next critical resistance appears to be placed around 10,710, whereas on the downside, the bears may pick up momentum on a strong close below 10,500, said Mazhar Mohammad, Chief Strategist-Technical Research & Trading Advisory, Chartviewindia.

“It is looking like a directionless market, and for the time being, traders should focus on stock-specific opportunities on both directions until Nifty registers a The stock has traded in a rectangle formation for all of 2018 so far. A couple of signals have emerged, which point towards likely upward move in prices. The RS Line against Nifty Infra index has remained in an upward rising channel and has broken out of that as well. Against the broader CNX500 index too, the RS Line has broken out of a formation giving a strong move. Both of the RS Lines presently remain above its 50-week moving average which can be seen as a confirmation of the present set up. The PPO (Price Oscillator) has turned positive. The weekly RSI is also seen breaking out of a pattern while marking a bullish divergence against the price. Full stochastic has just bounced back from the oversold area. Resumption of an uptrend on the counter cannot be ruled out over coming days.

After marking a high around Rs 102, this stock has remained in a corrective decline. Though it slipped below the 50-week moving average (WMA), it is seen attempting to form a base in the Rs 67-72 area. The RS Line, when compared against the broader CNX500, is moving up again and is also seen crossing its 50-WMA, which can be seen as a confirmation, PPO has flattened its trajectory and is seen moving towards getting positive. The weekly MACD, too, is likely to report positive crossover in the coming days. A fresh buy signal is seen on weekly stochastic. Some upward revision in price in this stock cannot over the coming days be ruled out.

This counter appears to have registered a sustainable breakout above its 100-Day Moving Average which acted as a resistance in the past by thwarting the pullback rallies. With consecutive positive closes, it looks ripe for a decent pullback with targets placed around Rs 210. Hence, positional traders are advised to buy into this counter for a target of Rs 210 with a stop loss below Rs 174 on a closing basis.

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This stock has taken off its weekly trendline resistance with a buy crossover in its momentum indicator MACD. The stock has started it Wave 5 up and it is expected to achieve minimum equality target of Rs 855 on the upside. On the lower side, Rs 797 is an immediate support, hence with that as a stop loss we recommend buying this stock.

This stock has provided a breakout from a falling wedge pattern and with that, it seems to have completed five waves declining structure. The momentum, indicator MACD has provided a buy crossover on the daily chart with a positive divergence whereas on the weekly chart the stock has provided a positive close, hence a 38.2% retracement of the entire fall is expected, so we recommend buying this stock.

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On the hourly chart, it seems that the stock is on a verge to give a breakout of its Inverse Head and Shoulder formation, which is a bullish reversal pattern and indicates an upside movement in the counter. Daily momentum indicator RSI has formed a positive divergence which points out for a positive breath in the stock.

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breakout on either side,” he said.