Who says it is difficult to win the lottery? All you have to do is be alert. That is how a retired couple managed to get enough winnings from it to fund the education of not just their children but also 14 grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren. Over the last 15 years, Jerry and Marge have won over 20 million pounds in the lottery. The story of how they did it is all set to be made into a Hollywood film.

The Genius Idea

Jerry and Marge had been running a convenience store for seventeen years as they raised six children. Finally, they decided to retire in their early 60s so that they could enjoy their life. In the year 2003, Jerry – the math genius noticed a loophole in the new lottery game started by the state. It took him as little as four minutes to figure out that the “Roll-down” game of Windfall worked in favour of the players.

In the usual game of Windfall, the mega-prize money rolls over to the next round if there is no winner, but in this particular game, in case the roll-over amount was more than 5 million, the jackpot would get divided among the other winners. This made the deal very profitable. He then invested in thousands of tickets and reaped the benefits.

It wasn’t instant though. He lost some money in the first attempt and in the second and third attempts, he had made a 100% profit on his investment. Encouraged by his winnings, they set up a betting group with family and friends. They would invest in thousands of tickets in the roll-down week and earned close to 6 million pounds.

When this game closed down unexpectedly, they found another one in Massachusetts and continued to invest and win, even though the distance was large. It took six years for the officials to realize that Jerry’s lottery group and two other groups had been winning a lot. An enquiry was set up, and the officials realized that all their winnings were perfectly legal. They were amazed at the way these geniuses had found a legal way to win a state lottery and make lots of money from it.

Not only did the players benefit from the loophole, but the state also made lots of money as a result of high volumes of betting.

These geniuses made more money by investing their winnings wisely in the education of three generations and gold and silver coins but refrained from lavish spending on personal needs.

You too can win

Lottery, if played sensibly, can turn your life around as Jerry and Marge have shown. It is an investment, which can reap great rewards. If you play the international lottery and have earned some amazing wins, you should consider reinvesting some of it in the lottery and some of it in other investments for regular returns.

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