Image result for Groom dons Eagles jersey at wedding after winning bet with fiance

MACUNGIE, PA — Jennifer Sullivan had no faith in the Philadelphia Eagles. She just didn’t believe they had a chance to beat the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

She was so certain that the Eagles would lose that she bet her fiance Patrick Hanks he could wear a jersey to their wedding if the Eagles pulled off the shocker. Last week, Sullivan had to pay up.

In a video posted by the Associated Press, just as Hanks and Sullivan were about to say “I do,” Hanks rips off his tuxedo jacket and fishes for a jersey behind the alter.

He pulls out a Carson Wentz number 11 jersey and slips it on as wedding guests launch into the familiar Eagles chants.

To her credit, Sullivan appeared to have no issues with paying her debt and seemed to be enjoying the ridiculousness of the situation. The lovely couple was married on May 26 at Bear Creek Mountain Resort.